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 ABOUT Michel Nadeau Events

Michel Nadeau Events is the culmination of 20 years of Event Production. Primarily Nightlife Event in Vancouver BC as well as Victoria BC and Seattle WA. 


When attending an MN events you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect regardless of age, ethnicities and body styles. We take pride and we enjoy promoting events that brings our community together without judgement. We take pride in the bridge we have built in the Vancouver Gay Communities. 


Our main goals at MN events are to provide a safe place for everyone and we say it again EVERYONE to feel safe, respected and not judged based on your look or other minorities you may be part of. 

Michel Nadeau co-promoted and co-produced his 1st public dance event for a primarily Gay Male demographics in Vancouver on December 31st, 1999.  COLOSSUS 2000!


COLOSSUS was a jam-packed Millennium party in the basement of the Vancouver Public Library. After such a response from the community and the positive feedback received; Michel was determined to devote his spare time bringing to Vancouver what has been missing in the nightlife and (ToyBoxBoys) TBB Productions Inc. was legally registered in early 2000.

Pride Vancouver 2000 of that summer saw the birth of Rapture Pride Vancouver®.  Rapture was founded as a 3 nights - all night long series of events during the Vancouver Pride Weekend.  Rapture was an instant hit with 2 Sold Out nights out of 3 at the Library for 2 years in a row.


Rapture was then moved to the Beatty Street Armoury for the following 2 years, with 2 Sold Out nights out of 3. Rapture has been at the Fabulous Commodore Ballroom since Vancouver Pride 2004 for Saturday and Sunday; having the Friday Rapture Black Friday event in a smaller venue.  Rapture Sunday was a SOLD-OUT affair year after year with Saturday hitting attendance of over 800 in its hey-days. 


TBB Productions was also producing a popular yearly New Year's Eve event from 2000 to 2005 when the last Rapture NYE Event was held at Atlantis Nightclub on Richards Street, now a residential location. It was originally held at the Library, Vogue Theatre for 2 years and lastly at Atlantis Nightclub.


TBB also did BOO-1 and BOO-2 at the Commodore in the mid-2000's. A very well attended event for Halloween in collaboration with the Vancouver Gay Men's Chorus.  Halloween is back on the annuel event roaster in 2019!


After TBB was closed in 2007, Michel went on part-time hiatus getting involved in the production and planning of a few small to large corporate, show and fundraising events. While also occupying a permanent position as a Flight Service Director ( Chief Flight Attendant ) for a large Canadian Airline since 1998.  After a work stint of nearly 3 years in Toronto for the airline, Michel was back in Vancouver.


MN events was founded in 2011. The launch event - a Fundraising Musical Variety Show at FiveSixty – GUILTY PLEASURES - benefitted 4 local non-profit groups.  Guilty Pleasures had 12 Drag Queens and Studs performing a choreographed opening number. Followed by Hip-Hop to Pop performers; with the Sexy (Eric Solomon now Eric Zayne) and a popular America's Got Talent Dandy - PRINCE POPPYCOCK.  The Show went on and the Guest Performers sure delivered to the hundreds of local attendees, LGBT leaders and Vancouver Centre MP Honourable Dr. Hedy Fry who was amongst the special guests who had an opportunity to address the crowd and express her support for the art's community from her Government and was expressing her support for small business like MN events who venture in challenging industries with a portion going to charity and trust Michel knew what he was doing.  Over a thousand dollar was raised that night. The statement was clear. Michel is BACK!


After an assessment of the 2011 nightlife where Davie Street Nightclub have line-ups at 10pm, it became clear the Gay/Bi/TG Male demographic was underserved for a place to safely and securely listen to Music/Dance/Drink/Cruise with like-minded MEN of all ages, colour, mix male gender and body styles.


Good Thursday, March 2012 Michel and co-founder Todd Brisbin aka GingerBear gave birth to RUFF.  They put their respective skills together and a sexy high testosterone sex positive Party was born.  RUFF is welcoming of everyone 19+.

While the RUFF Train was gaining speed after 18 months in operation and under amicable circumstances, Todd left the Executive Nest in 2013. Leaving RUFF under the capable hands of Michel of MN events now Sole Owner of RUFFparty™ Rights which is now a Registered Trademark owned by Michel Nadeau. Michel recruited Tod Berezowski to join the executive nest and Tod was paramount in helping  grow RUFF and  in production of RUFF events in Vancouver, Seattle and Victoria.

Spencer Johnston aka Boy Spence replaced Tod in 2018 as Michel's new Apprentice and is slowly being groomed to become RUFF's new Executive Producer when RUFF enters in it's 10th year in 2022.  Spencer is now Jr. Producer.

Michel is leading the MN events' production team from his home office ensuring the various volunteers and contracted workers get where they should at the right time to ensure a great event from set-up, execution to strike down.  RUFF is benefiting HiM - Health Initiative for MEN in 2019.  


The Annual HUNT for Mr. RUFF has been paramount in boosting the RUFF brands in Vancouver.  The HUNT for Mr. RUFF is a Personality, Popularity, Performance and Fundraiser Challenge where annual Candidates coveting the annual title must strip for VOTE and DONATION for HiM - Health Initiative for MEN.  $3,000 is being shared amongst the annual Candidates. $2K alone for the winner


Now into its 21st year and 100+ special events on our portfolio, we helped raise over $185,086* in cash and $30,340* of in kind donations to various local non-profit organizations.


For the next RUFF event please click the event at the top of this page or log on ruffparty.com

*As of March 2020




RUFF Party is expanding and looking to enlarge it's RUFF HOUSE! 


RUFF party was founded in April 2012. In our nine year since then, we have produced over 60 parties & events. in Vancouver, Seattle and Victoria. In our few years in Vancouver RUFF has grown steadily and has become one of the most produced special event in our market category with 9 parties on our 2020 calendar. Since our humble beginnings, over $40K was raised for the “Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe” until December 2017 and  $23K for "HIM - Health Initiative for MEN" since March 2018.


Michel Nadeau Events has a few positions to fill for upcoming RUFF events:




Event: RUFF PLAYHOUSE is potentially being revived in 2020.  A Variety/Boylesque fundraising event benefiting HIM - Health Initiative for MEN.

Wanted: Talents and performers such as strippers, dancers, pole dancers, singers, drag artists, comedians, choreographers etc.. All are welcome to submit their performance ideas.

Deadline: Please, submit your performance ideas before XXX

Date & Location: To be announced.

Compensation: Negotiable and based on your performance idea. Provided in cash at the event. 

Email:  Michel@MNevents.ca with a brief description of your performance, music, costumes and other details. Please include photos and/or video if any, as well as your contact information.


RUFF is always on the lookout for new Gogo Dancers of all ages, skin colour & body style.  Gogo dancers received cash compensation, complimentary event and drink tickets as well as RUFF event privileges throughout the year. They are also welcomed into a family like group of like minded people who share a common goal of entertaining the crowd while having a good time.  You think you have what it takes? Please contact us!  

Please contact  Michel@MNevents.ca for all inquiries and to submit an application!