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Michel J.A. Nadeau



Flight Service Director ✈️

Uber Driver 🚙

Special Events Specialist 🎧🕺🏼

Burner )'( aka Captain 🔥


Flight Service Director - Air Canada

I started my career as a Jr. Flight Attendant in 1998 at the Vancouver base.  In those 20+ years, I have also been based in Calgary and Toronto where I met my Prince Charming. The one I share a home in Vancouver and Beirut Lebanon and whom I am blessed to have at my side to see the world. 


In 2004 I become Flight Service Director. This new position is what I will do until my retirement comes up after 25 years.  Working alongside incredible people, in the air and on the ground, meeting people from all over the world, have an influence in their onboard experience with us is what drives me day and night when performing our duties at all hours of the day along side a hard-working crew of safety professionals in and out of the cockpit. 

While most passengers only sees us tending to their food and beverage needs; we are primarily safety professional. At Air Canada we must undergo a rigorous initial 2 months training to be prepared to deal with all sorts of emergency at 35'000 feet.

While the glamour of the airlines is not what is pictured on TV, it is a career I enjoyed very much and it has allowed my family and it endless worldwide adventures and discovery.

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Michel Nadeau Events

20+ years of Special Events Production

Michel Nadeau Events is the culmination of 20 years of Event Production. Primarily Nighlife Events in Vancouver as well as Seattle and Victoria.

I co-promoted and co-produced my 1st public dance event for a primarily Gay Mal demographics in Vancouver on December 31st, 1999. COLOSSUS 2000!

COLOSSUS was a jam-packed Millenium party in the lower level of the Vancouver Public Library....  Read More

RUFF Party Vancouver  - Since 2012

RUFF Party is a Dance Party primarily attended by MEN in Vancouver.

It feature local and international DJ's along with Gogo Dancers of all ages, ethnicity and body styles.  RUFF is welcoming of everyone in our community and is free of discrimination of any kinds.

Health Initiative for MEN - HiM has been the beneficiary of all RUFF Parties from 2018 till 2022.  

To date, since 2000 over $185K in cash was donated to the community.

RUFF - Is now managed by Boy Spence!


RAPTURE Pride Vancouver®


Under ToyBoxBoys Productions Inc. from 2000 until 2007; RAPTURE Pride Vancouver was one of the highlights of Vancouver Pride Weekend.


With Sold-Out events at the Vancouver Public Library, Beatty Street Armoury and The Fabulous Commodore Ballroom; we proudly featured local and international DJ's along with international stage performers for this Annual Pride & New Year's Eve Event.


RAPTURE rights were sold in 2007

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